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At present 95373 students are Enrolled in U.G and P.G Courses in Kumoun and Gharwal University. Besides Traditional Education, Job oriented Professional courses like MBA, BBA, BCA, B.Ed, M.Ed, LAW More » After completion of Basic education students move to the Higher Degree courses. Keeping in mind the 70% hilly and remote area in the State a minimum 03 degree college are established in every district .More » At present there are two Universities Kumaon University and Garhwal University for imparting General Education in the State. They have five University campuses and 102 Colleges. More » Higher Education in Uttarakhand sets back before 1970. Establishment of DAV College Dehradun (1946) , Roorkee Eng. College (1949), Almora Campus (1954), DSB Nainital (1951) More »

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Directorate of higher education was established in Uttarakhand in July, 2001. At the time of the establishment of Directorate there were only 34 government degree colleges. At present, there are two Universities- Kumaon University and H.N.B.Garhwal University for imparting general higher education. They have 5 university campuses and 113 affiliated degree and post-graduate colleges (including aided and un-aided colleges). Among these, 71 colleges are affiliated with Sridev Suman University and 42 colleges with Kumaon University. Besides, the number of self-financed degree colleges and institutions are constantly increasing which obviously increased the administrative and supervisory work of the directorate. Moreover, the emphasis on the quality of higher education led to the increase in the role and function of directorate.


To provide opportunities to the youth for Higher Education according to the requirements and demands after they have received Secondary Education, to introduce them to cultural heritage and their conservation, to promote research oriented development, to start the professional courses along with traditional courses. To make the state of Uttarakhand as an awakened / enlightened and prosperous state by developing it as a knowledge hub. Development and knowledge of arts, culture and science will certainly be helpful in the development and empowerment of the youth. They will contribute significantly to the progress and development of the state. Information and communication technology will play an important and catalytic role in the process of development.


To convert Uttarakhand into a model state with high level of quality education for its youth population, to focus on arts, science and culture, to ensure all round development of youth for the realization of their full potential, to vanish poverty and unemployment through appropriate training of youth for the employable skills, to create conducive ambience and infrastructure for the growth and development of centre of excellence in teaching and research, and in the application of science and technology for the development, to meet the growing demands for educated and skilled personnel for the emerging knowledge economy. Higher education ensures opportunity for quality education as well as professional education to all aspiring and deserving students.

  • To ensure opportunity for quality higher education as well as professional education to all deserving students.
  • To meet the growing demands for educated and skilled personnel for the emerging knowledge economy.
  • To offer training in employable skills to unemployed youth and adults in order to contribute substantially in skill enhancement of unemployed personnel in the state.
  • To attract private investment in establishing institutions for quality education and research
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