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Aided Colleges

 S.No District  College Name  Estd. Year  UGC 2(f)12B Recognised   Website
 1 Almora Arya Kanya Mahavidyalay, Almora 1974 Closed at present  
 2 U.S.Nagar  Chndrawati Tewari Kanya Mahavidyala, Kashipur  1986     
 3 Dehradun  D.W.T College, Dehradun  1961  Recognised
 4 Dehradun  D.A.V College, Dehradun   1946  Recognised
 5 Dehradun D.V.S College , Dehradun  1961 Recognised
 6 Dehradun M.K.P.P.G College , dehradun 1958 Recognised
 7 Dehradun  Shri Guru Ram Rai College, Dehradun  1960  Recognised
 8 Dehradun  M.P.G College, Maussouri  1963 Recognised
 9 Haridwar R.M.P.P.G College, Haridwar  1950
 10 Haridwar  B.S.M.P.G College, Roorkee Haridwar  1958 Recognised
 11 Haridwar  K.L.D.A.V College, Roorkee Haridwar  1960  Recognised
 12 Haridwar Chinmaya Degree college, Haridwar  1989  Recognised
 13 Haridwar  S.S.D.P.C Girls PG College Roorkee (Haridwar) 1966  Recognised
 14 Haridwar  S.M.J.N College, Haridwar  1960  Recognised
 15 Haridwar  Mahila Mahavidyala Satikund, Kankhal, Haridwar  1965  Recognised
 16 New Tehri Bal Ganga Sandual Camar Mahavidyala, Tehri 1991  Recognised  

 17      Pauri    Rath Mahavidyalaya                 2015     Recognised

 18    Haridwar Chamanlal Mahavidyalay    2017     Recognised

 19    Pauri        Guru Gorakhnath Mahavidyalay 2017       Recognised


Information of Class- I-II-III-IV Posts (Aided Colleges)

No. of Students in Aided Colleges 2015-16

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